Writing what I like vs. what others like

I recently joked with a friend that I should have made Christ and the Devil hunky shirtless teenagers in my novel, to cash in on the latest young-adult-paranormal-romance craze.  (“I’m on Team Jesus.”  “Go Team Lucifer!”)

As is, The Alpha And The Omega is episodic, yet whole.  It’s religious, yet secular.  It’s mostly horror, with elements of drama and geopolitics, and a dash of sci-fi.  In short, it has no set demographic, except for, well, me.

And that’s why I wrote A&O, because it was the kind of story I so desperately wanted to read, but couldn’t find anywhere on the shelves.  But by writing a story particular to me, I created a work with no mass built-in audience.

So should I write what I like, or what I think others like (e.g. young-adult-paranormal-romance)?

As with too many things in life, the answer lies with money.  If wealth’s my goal, then my next novel will be called The Alpha And The Omega: New Moon.

However, I love writing.  If I was destined to never sell another book, I’d still write.  Plus I’m brimming with gobs ‘o other tales I’m dying to tell.  And those other tales are even more unconventional than A&O.  (In fact, I chose A&O to be my debut novel since it was my most mainstream story.)

So be warned: more religious/secular/sci-fi/horror (and utterly unmarketable) strangeness is coming soon.

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  • Nik

    Not harsh at all simply Truth. I am hiavng a conversation with a self professing Wesleyan and he admits that man’s free will only extends to his nature and we are, by nature enemies of God and dead in sin. But yet he cannot let go of his man-centered theology. Pray for Bret to see the Truth.

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