The Viceroy

Aliens invade Earth! Only a lone 13-year-old superhero can save us.


What if the ancient military city-state of Sparta existed, even thrived, until modern times?


Goddess is a collection of David Downey’s short stories.  The tales explore love, loss, and longing, against the quirky and psychedelic backdrops of one night stands, time travel, jilted gods, nuclear war, alien invasions, and junk mail hording.

The Alpha And The Omega

For ages, the Prince of Darkness has waited to launch his catastrophic plan of final vengeance against God.  That day has come!

What befalls the Earth, Heaven, and Hell is chronicled in David Downey’s debut novel, The Alpha And The Omega.

The Terran Union Series

2517 AD: Humankind is under siege.


The Viceroy

By David Downey

The Viceroy cover