Amanda Hocking

In case you haven’t heard of Amanda Hocking, she is the self-publishing phenom, who at the age of 26, sold more than a million Kindle ebooks.  (As a 40-something author who’s only sold a tiny fraction of that amount, I hate her.)

To me, what makes her story even more compelling is that she ultimately signed with a traditional publishing house, foregoing potentially more money by continuing to self-publish.  She cited that she didn’t “…want to spend 40 hours a week handling e-mails, formatting covers, finding editors, etc.”

Though I’m sure I don’t have as many writing-related demands as Ms. Hocking, I can completely identify.  Since the release of The Alpha And The Omega, I’ve spent all my spare time updating this website, schmoozing local bookstore owners to feature my book, promoting my novel on message boards and blogs, creating and placing print and online ads, etc.  And I’ve been doing all this on top of my fulltime+ day job.

I miss writing.

And lately, my only opportunity to write is this blog.  So thank you, dear reader, for giving me a respite from the necessary evil of marketing.

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