Big in Britain!

Curiously, starting six months ago, United Kingdom sales of The Alpha And The Omega (A&O) caught up with United States sales.  And lately, UK sales have exceeded US sales.  What makes this remarkable is that the UK has 1/5 the population of the US.  Hence, per capita, I’m selling five times as many books in the UK than in the US.

I’m big in Britain!

And much like Jerry Lewis’ fame in France, or David Hasselhoff’s popularity in Germany, I can’t explain it.  If anything, I’d think a story about Biblical end times occurring in modern day would be a larger draw in fundamental Christian America than in secular Britain.  (Then again, I haven’t gauged the UK’s religious climate firsthand since I never visited the country, a deficiency I plan to remedy in the very near future.)

So if you’re a British reader, please enlighten me to why A&O is so (relatively) popular across the Atlantic.

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