Now with Progress Bars!

Just added progress bars to my home page!  So now my fan(s?) can track my progress(?) on my upcoming books.  Go crazy:


Book codename: Absinthe

Brief description: Alternative history novella.  (More on this in my next blog post.)


Tito’s martini

Sci-fi magnum opus.  (The increasingly inaccurately named* “first novel” mentioned in my previous posts.)


Jame-O shot

Start of a sci-fi serial.



Horror/sci-fi novel.  Prequel to The Alpha And The Omega.  Subtitle: The First Book of Rachel


(Why codenames? When I lived in LA, every screenwriter I came across gave me the same advice: never reveal anything about what I’m working on until it’s produced, lest an unscrupulous soul steal my idea.  In fear that even disclosing my projects’ titles may give away too much, I’ve resorted to giving them codenames (a practice I learned while working in high-tech).)


* Genius phrase plagiarized from Douglas Adams

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