The Alpha And The Omega ebook free to Amazon Prime members!

Happy New Year!

In 2013, The Alpha And The Omega ebook will be free to Amazon Prime members.  (It will still be available for $2.51 – $2.99 for non-Prime members.)


The gory details: As a condition for the A&O ebook to be offered free to Prime members, I can no longer sell it anywhere but on Amazon.  That’s why the ebook is listed as “temporarily unavailable” on every format, except Kindle, on my website.  (The physical version of the book is unaffected.)

It pains me to limit distribution of A&O to only Kindle.  However, hard truth be known, I’ve sold far more ebooks on Kindle than on all the other formats combined.  So in hopes of reaching a wider audience with the lure of free ebooks, I’ve resorted to this measure.

Depending on the outcome of this Grand Experiment, the A&O ebook may again be available for the Nook, iTunes, Google Play… in 2014.

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