Fanatical atheist

In the throes of hardcore Christianity in my early 20s (see my previous post), I finally decided to read the Bible. I figured If I was going to dedicate my life (and afterlife) to its teachings, I should probably actually read it. So I reverently opened my NIV study Bible and began reading Genesis 1:1.


How the End Times will unfold

…is chronicled in The Alpha And The Omega. Or at least, that’s what I thought when I was a fervent Christian.

My father is Methodist and my mother practices Shinto. So naturally, I became a Southern Baptist. (Being brought up in the Bible Belt during my formative years may have had something to do with […]

Big in Britain! (Part II)

As mentioned in my previous Big in Britain! post, I’m selling five times as many copies of A&O per capita in the UK than in the US. To get to the bottom of this, I decided to take a week-long investigative trip to London. (Plus, I desperately needed a vacation (or “holiday”, as the Europeans […]

So many books, so little time…

I figured I had, at most, 12 books in me: the A&O trilogy (i.e. The Books of Rachel), my grand sci-fi saga, and a handful of standalone novels.

But when I recently tallied all my book outlines*, I was shocked to discover I had 30 novels left to write!

The math: A&O took me five […]

Tito’s Martini

As stated on my homepage, my sci-fi saga Tito’s Martini is slated to be 1000+ pages. But I don’t want to subject my readers to such a turgid tome. Plus, since it took me five years to write 300+ page A&O, it’ll probably take me 15 years to finally finish Tito’s. So I decided to […]

Jame-O Shot

In the midst of writing my third book, I decided I needed a break. A&O was a grueling (yet satisfying) five-year journey. Goddess was an exercise in pure editing. And now Absinthe was proving to be more research (and map drawing) than writing. I was longing to write something that was research free, required little […]

Big in Britain!

Curiously, starting six months ago, United Kingdom sales of The Alpha And The Omega (A&O) caught up with United States sales. And lately, UK sales have exceeded US sales. What makes this remarkable is that the UK has 1/5 the population of the US. Hence, per capita, I’m selling five times as many books in […]

The Grand Experiment: FAIL

The Alpha and the Omega ebook is available again on non-Kindle formats.

As explained in my previous “The Alpha And The Omega ebook free to Amazon Prime members!” post, I embarked on a Grand Experiment to sell the A&O ebook exclusively on Kindle, in exchange for it to be available to Amazon Prime members for […]


I recently came up with a novel (as in “book” as well as “new”) idea that I’m shocked to discover has never been done before (at least according to an exhaustive Google search). So in fear that someone else will inevitably come up with the same idea and scoop me, I shelved my sci-fi magnum […]

Now with Progress Bars!

Just added progress bars to my home page! So now my fan(s?) can track my progress(?) on my upcoming books. Go crazy:


Book codename: Absinthe

Brief description: Alternative history novella. (More on this in my next blog post.)


Tito’s martini

Sci-fi magnum opus. (The increasingly inaccurately named* “first novel” mentioned in my previous […]


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